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Cockroaches are among the most common pests around residential and commercial establishments. This is because their species have adapted to the living conditions of humans, making it easy for them to thrive and reproduce in multitudes. However, their existence is not the only problems that most humans have. Cockroach infestations usually bring diseases with them that can become a health hazard when tolerated. This happens whenever they crawl, vomit, secrete fluids, leave dropping, and shred skin on food, utensils, and other sensitive areas for human contact and consumption.


In order to help combat diseases spread through cockroach infestation, licensed cockroach exterminators provide pest control services that comply with HACCP, Foodsafe, and AQIS systems. These experts get the job done through wet chemical sprays, insecticidal dusts (can drive out cockroaches from their hiding places as they penetrate very small spaces), repellent sprays, and cockroach gels. Key areas such as drains, gutters, walls, bins, gardens, bores, and paving of the property will be inspected and treated accordingly through every session.


Pest control experts know the habits and activities of cockroach species in Australia, making it easy to determine which insecticides are best applied. Among the most common cockroach species in Australia are the following:


Australian Cockroaches 

Australian cockroaches are generally large and are not native to Australia as the name suggests. This specifies of roaches are usually found in areas of the country with mild winters. They fly in from the outside and usually enter through gardens/debris.


American Cockroaches

American cockroaches are typically larger and are usually 34 – 40 mm long. They like to stay in dark, humid, and less populated areas of the property such as bathrooms, kitchens, subfloors, basements, and roof voids.


German Cockroaches

This type of roaches thrive in kitchens as they are generally smaller and can fit through cracks and holes in the walls. They are also known to be very resilient against pest control products due to their ability to produce multiple offspring at a time and their hiding skills.


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