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Ants are among the most unpredictable species in the world of insects. And with over 3,000 different species, they’re easily found anywhere inside every home in Australia. With every ant spot you find, there’s always a colony of ants heading in the same direction. But these insects are not always simply passing by, they’re either going into their preferred food sources found inside your home or looking for water during the dry season. Like any pest infestation, ants (especially fire ants and white ants), can become a problem for property owners, too.


Ants are attracted to different types of food, making it one of the first things pest control professionals try to determine during inspection. Because ants differ in this aspect, treatments to exterminate and reduce their infestation will also vary:


White-footed house ant (aka White ants!)

Also known as termites, white-footed house ants are attracted to sweet-tasting food. They can be damaging to areas such as electrical appliances. Dead insects, and other sources of protein.


Argentine ant

These ants are considered one of the most troublesome species of ants as they spread bacteria from the waste and decaying materials they feed on.


Black house ant

These ants are known to spread salmonella due to their habit of scavenging through garbage and different types of excrement. They’re also attracted to grease, meat products, and sweets.


Bull ant

Known to  be aggressive when their nest is attacked, bull ants are usually found outdoors or in bushy areas outside of properties. When disturbed, these ants can inflict painful stings.


Garden ant

Foods that are high in protein and sugar are what attract garden ants. They don’t typically sting when disturbed.


Colonies of ants can be quite intimidating, especially if they’re going through your pantry, disrupting your health, and limiting your daily activities. Resolve your ant troubles and contact Picton Pest Control today!

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